The Holidays are for everyone.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hannuka, and have a Jolly Kwanza, and a Happy New Year.  The Season of Holiday well wishes for family and friends can last throughout the year. 
Story and song punctuate the season of giving.  People work extra hard at this time to celebrate life through seeking out those in need and giving.
Christian missions as well as the missions of other faiths brighten the lives of everyone they can find in need.  They often find there is much need in this world of ours. 
So let us delight each other throughout each year with the celebration of life each day by attempting to find someone in need to assist, say a kind word to, or quietly help without them even knowing who we are. 
Clean out your closet and give your clothing or old board games and unwanted, unused items to the charity of your choice or to a needy family.  Buy an extra can of food to donate to the local food bank each time you go grocery shopping.
You do not have to wait for the holidays to come to give.  Giving can be accomplished at anytime and keep the spirit of giving alive throughout the year.
Best wishes to you all for giving your best each day this year and throughout all the years you live your lives upon this earth.
May you receive great blessings for your gift of giving. Let your gift Light the World.
Susan O’Hara
Storyteller/Story Coach